Marvel’s Spider-Man Returns in a Rather Darker Look


Mason Enos

Transending back to the web-lived games Marvel’s Spider-Man back in 2018 alongside Marvel’s Miles Morales in 2020 shows this new look encasing the gameplay itself.  Recently released, this framed gaze on the game inspires a whole different appeal of the Spider-Man franchise. Today I will be breaking down this unfamiliar look that led up to what the game is now. And though it’s uncertain of its details, I will try my best.

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Game Trailer

From the start, we are introduced to a new addition to the Spider-Man world with that being the symbiote suit. And from the looks of it seems to alter his personality just from the dialogue in comparison to his dialogue in the previous games.  He’s fighting the henchman of one the villains Kraven the Hunter who you’ll find within the gameplay demo later on peeking his head out of the plane for a couple seconds. He is also seen in his introduction preview which I’ll leave a link to at the end of this article. It begins with him choking one of his men to death and then one of his men showed him intel on the heroes in Manhattan. If you look at the screen closely it reveals a character named Wrath, one of spider man’s allies in the comics. He is also Yuri, who is a cop you see in the 2018 addition to Spider-Man, as your best bud continuing further. 

Then from Peter Parker, the gameplay switches to Miles Morales who you also see in this gameplay chasing after Kravens men and protecting the people from the lizard who is a villain too. The trailer ends with Miles noticing something strange about the way Peter talks, when Miles shows him the tracker then goes after the lizard with his pride leaving the viewer to guess what will happen. And just to cover the switch from Peter to Miles actually left to conspiracy theories and beliefs questioning if there will be a co-op mode of Spider-Man 2 shown in a recent IGN article eight days ago. Within the regards of this matter the answer was a no, stemming back to how the previous games did not involve any co-op at all. 

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Link to co-op article 

Link to Kraven the hunter introduction