Toll Gate Volleyball


Brooke DiBenedetto

My name is Brooke DiBenedetto. I am a senior at Toll Gate high school and I have been playing volleyball since my sophomore year. One thing I have to say about our team is we are dedicated athletes. No matter what obstacles we face or how many times we don’t succeed, these girls always find the motivation and will power to get back on the court and try again. Lisa Sweet, the head coach, and Caitlyn Zimberlin, the assistant coach, always have a positive outlook. They push the girls to put in one hundred percent effort and expect nothing less. Lisa prioritizes good sportsmanship towards each other as well as towards opposing teams. Our team captains, Makenna Izzo, Katelyn Flanagan, and Emily Levasseur, did a great job demonstrating good sportsmanship. The second one of our teammates made a mistake, the captains were there to lift them up and encourage them to make adjustments and try again. Katelyn Flanagan and I were nominated by Coach Sweet for All Team First Division for our efforts. No matter how well you play, there is always room for improvement. When I’m looking to improve, I turn towards my teammates. One of my teammates who I look up to is Lucy Lajoie, a junior varsity starter. The reason I look up to Lucy is because she has the most positive mindset you have ever seen.  Lucy is constantly looking for constructive criticism from not only our coaches but our teammates, to improve herself as a team player.  I view that as extremely important characteristics to have. This team is full of positivity, potential, and dedication and I can not wait to see them play next season.