Movie Review: Creed III


Creed III

Mason Enos

From the cinematic Rocky franchise comes a whole other epic storyline, Creed III.  For those who aren’t quite familiar with the franchise; Creed is the son of Apollo Creed, one of Rocky’s rivals in the first Rocky movie with Rocky losing by decision.  For a further connection within the series, in the third Rocky movie, Apollo gets killed in the ring against Russian heavyweight boxer, Drago.  With that, Apollo is never getting to meet his newborn son “Adonis Johnson” a.k.a. Creed who I will be referring to a whole bunch indeed.

Background info

Now, to further lift the ideal as to the third movie and what that has to offer, one thing to benefit from is the previous info. The first movie, Creed, was released into theaters on November 25, 2015 and Creed II was released on November 21, 2018.   The previous films have a major storyline difference from the third installment.  This is due to Sylvester Stalone not being included within the movie.  This is because of how he felt he was portrayed within Creed II and that he shouldn’t be included within the third.  Stalone is still a producer of the movie though.


From what I’ve seen

Unsure of what the readers opinion is on this, I personally thought the trailer has a ton of drama.  It shows Adonis’s childhood with his friend, Damien, moving forward to their rivalry over a complicated history.  I’ll try not to give away spoilers, but it’s a history of fortune vs. poverty, freedom vs. imprisonment.  There is a vibe it gives midway into this trailer with fortune being with Adonis, who is rich and famous and Damien who is poor and recently released from prison.  Damien is reckless and heartbroken being in jail for eighteen years. Loving the hype moving in a positive direction, I believe this film, directed by Micheal B. Jordan, is going to be great.  It has a lot to offer, in that it is more than just a sports movie.  It also focuses on Adonis’s relationships with his wife, Bianca, his deaf child, Amara, and his boxing instructor, Duke (Wood Harris), who is my favorite character.  

Did you like the trailer?

In my perspective, I thought the trailer had a lot to offer. I hope you go see Creed III.  I did and it was great.