The Life of a Senior



Paul Anderson

Many students may wonder what it is like to be a senior at Toll Gate. Truth is, it is both the exact same and radically different than being in any other grade. The normal cycle of classes, homework, and extracurricular activities continue as normal no matter what grade you are in. 

However, senior year is one of the defining moments of one’s life, and it is a stressful time. In addition to the normal workload, students that wish to attend college must get in their applications during the first half of the year. This takes time and energy, but as long as you manage your time you should be able to beat any and all due dates you hope to meet. In addition to applications, applying to scholarships is also a concern. This is often more stressful than applying to college, as scholarships often have much more specific requirements that have to be met in order to apply. Finally, on top of all this, we are required to complete our Senior Project! While taking a Capstone Seminar course greatly helped me manage my time and receive guidance, not every student was aware of or took this opportunity. Overall, there are a number of hugely important tasks to complete, mainly if you are planning to attend college. 

In addition to planning for the future, the here and now of many seniors is very different from other grades. Many seniors have acquired their drivers’ licenses, and a good portion of those with licenses choose to drive to school. This can be scary, especially considering how awful many drivers on the road are. Equally, it is liberating and exciting. Senior year is the first time when many students get full autonomy to drive wherever they want and do things entirely on their own. Many students opt to fund their driving costs by finding part-time jobs after school or on weekends, and this can add even more to a crowded plate. Senior year is a time of great change, as students transition from young adults to full adults. It is exciting, scary, freeing, and stressful. But most importantly, it is a time worth savoring and remembering!